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The 3D Film Festival was a week long event that celebrated all things 3D. The Regal Cinemas in Downtown Los Angeles showcased 3D movies that included my personal favorite, Night of the Living Dead. LG also had a surprise there for those looking to kill some time. Across the street from the Regal theater was a gaming truck showcasing the LG LM7600 series and its ability to turn any 2D games into a 3D game. I spent a few hours in the truck and most of the games I played in 3D, already had 3D built into it. It was great with certain games, but better with movies like Avengers Blu-ray 3D.

Luckily I planned on giving the TV a thorough workout. A nice sized library of Xbox 360 games were available, so I started with Gears of War 2, followed by Split Second, Street Fighter X Tekken and finally Call of Duty: Black Op. Since many of the Xbox 360 titles didn’t support 3D, it was a good way to find out if the 2D to 3D conversion was good. The 3D glasses were passive, which means they’re light, easy on the eyes and don’t require batteries.

I had no problems playing constantly without needing to take a break, which isn’t always recommended. The 55″ LG LM7600 TV brought out a nice realism in Call of Duty and Split Second. Since the games weren’t designed to be displayed in 3D, the TV creates a nice layer of illusion, and it felt like some images were popping out. In Call of Duty’s campaign, I found myself not only enjoying the crisp 1080p images, but also the images in the background seemed to have a closer feel. It also helped that the TV has a built-in Sound Zooming, so even while there were 3 other TVs close to each other by about 2-3 feet, I still heard my game perfectly with no problems.

After my two and a half hours of playing multiple games, I got a chance to speak with Tim Alessi, Director of New Product Development at LG Electronics. Tim talked about LG giving gamers a totally new and different experience in gaming with the improvements in technology. We shortly talked about 2011’s Blizzcon, where LG unveiled a new 3D gaming monitor that used 3D technology and the introduction to an attachment for people who already use glasses. This helps avoid wearing a pair of 3D glasses over your regular glasses, which is also compatible on the LG LM7600. The game glasses were used for the Regal’s Film Festival.

If you have the money and are looking for a really good 3D TV for about $1900, you can get the 47″ which features smart TV abilities and mind blowing sound without the need of a sound system. Of course the ability to turn any of your 2D movies and games into 3D is a plus as well and you might just want to check this impressive TV out.

All this week I was hidden away from the world after getting my copy of Resident Evil 6, and I wondered how it would have been with the 3D treatment. Other games I’d like to try in 3D are Smash Bros Brawl and Zelda: Skyward Sword. Who knows maybe Black Friday might be good for me this year.

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