Review: Wrap your GS3 like a mummy with Musubo Mummy case

I got a chance to review Musubo’s Mummy case and I found it amazing! While I waited for my Galaxy S3 to come in I transferred my mom’s Galaxy S3 to my account and used it for a good week. And during that time I’ve had a couple drops and mishaps. And it’s still doing its job as a case protector. Oh, and it also comes with a stand; something I missed ever since I broke my EVO 4G phone. I never thought a kickstand would matter but it did. Though now I don’t need to worry about that. Thanks Musubo!


The design is very simple. It looks as if your Galaxy is wrapped up like a mummy. Even the color is white to show it’s wrapped in bandages, though you can purchase it in other colors. Both the power and volume buttons are not obstructed in any way. The case itself does not come with a screen protector. But it does wrap around enough that if dropped it has enough spacing to protect the case. And some of you may notice when you buy a case for your phone it adds extra weight; compared to the case my little brother uses, this was fairly light. So that’s a plus in my book all the time.


As I said before, I used this for a week or so and I am loving it. And the stand that it comes with works like a charm. It’s as thin as a credit card, so it is easily transportable and is very useful when you’re waiting for food at a pizza joint or anywhere in that case. This just adds to the greatness of this case.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to buy a case for your Galaxy S3, I can tell you that this is well worth the buy.

Grade: A

If you are looking to buy or need more info please go here.

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