Looper interview with Rian Johnson, Noah Segan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Looper is out in theaters today, and I thought it was a great movie (Looper review). The movie follows a young Looper named Joe. A looper’s job is to kill a target from the future, since killing people in the future has become pretty hard.

We got a chance to talk to director Rian Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Noah Segan (he plays Kid Blue).

Rian Johnson was asked about how hard it was to make a fresh and original time-based movie. Rian responded that it’s impossible to be original, since there are so many already used ideas. Being a nerd himself he could easily name a few movies in which he got some of his inspiration from, but his goal wasn’t just to make a futuristic movie, it was to make a movie could make people easily forget about the time period and enjoy it on a deeper level. And thanks to actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, it was easy.

The part of Joe was written with Joseph Gordon-Levitt already set in mind from the start. The next part was finding someone to play old Joe and one of the first people in mind was Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis accepted almost right away, so the next part was turning Joseph into Bruce. Bruce is a man everyone knows. He has this aura and everyone knows who he is, so Joseph not only had to become Joe but also had to become Bruce in a way. So when the two interacted in the movie, you could believe they were one and the same.

Noah, who plays Kid Blue, talked about how he got to be a part in the movie, as well as the details that went into the guns, including the Blunderbuss. The Blunderbuss is based on a real life weapon that was made for hunting in closer range, since it’s impossible to miss. The version of the Blunderbuss they made for Looper weighed about 7 pounds, and there was a scene where Noah is seen spinning the weapon western style, which left him with a pretty bruised and hurt finger. Practice makes perfect.

Rian mentioned that when filming, Pierce was very professional. When they were done he was just a regular kid running around and enjoying himself (mind you he was about five or six when the filming started two years ago).

Joseph talked about his start when he was a child that led to a very brief conversation on one of my favorite comedies, Third Rock from the Sun. Since he was a child actor, he could relate to Pierce Gagnon, so he instead treated him like an equal, and everyone was amazed at the performance Pierce gave in the movie.

You can imagine some of the most-asked questions, especially from our fans when we asked what questions we should ask, like what it’s like working with Bruce Willis, the SNL skit and the end of a certain Christopher Nolan film. Well the only response to his role as John Blake was that he really enjoyed working on the film, and it was thanks to the director’s vision of Batman that he joined. He didn’t talk about a possible sequel, but he was more than happy about his role.

As for playing the role of Joe, he spent about three hours in make up every day to make subtle changes. It was nothing compared to the make up he had to deal with in G.I. Joe, which was a whole different story. The makeup played a great part in helping him try to become a different person, which is what he likes to do in his roles. Working with Bruce Willis was a different experience for him, and he had to immerse himself as an actor. He was more than excited to work with Bruce Willis.

Looper hits theaters today, September 28th.

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