Google says the ball is on Apple’s court to add Maps to iPhone 5

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt spoke at a recent Tokyo event and talked about the controversial move by Apple to ditch Google Maps in favor of their own Map app for the new┬áiOS 6 update in iPhone 5 devices. Google isn’t planning anything to try to sway Apple to bring Google Maps to the iPhone 5.

Users are complaining that Apple’s map service is giving them errors in geographical locations and isn’t offering them a lot of features as seen on Google Maps.

“We think it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know?” Schmidt told a small group of reporters in Tokyo. “What were we going to do, force them not to change their mind? It’s their call.”

It’s clear that the rise of the Android OS has had an affect on Apple. Android’s market share is higher than Apple’s after all.

“Apple is the exception, and the Android system is the common model, which is why our market share is so much higher,” Schmidt said, adding that success was often ignored by the media, which he said was “obsessed with Apple’s marketing events and Apple’s branding.”

This is the case of two giants not wanting to try cooperate with each other. Either way, the users lose. It would still be in Google’s best interest to cater to their users who own iPhones.

Source: Reuters

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