Winners announced for the Resident Evil: Damnation NR Contest

If you have been following my contests, you’d know that the way to win my heart is through laughter. I do love the cool ones, but the funny ones are my favorite.

The 1st place winner of the Resident Evil: Damnation contest will be receiving a Resident Evil: Damnation Blu-ray, poster, watch, figurine, sticker and t-shirt. Second place winner will win the DVD version of the movie. Thanks again to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for sponsoring this contest.

Second place winner is:

Jon Pellegrini

I would turn into a mother-effin honey badger. That’s all. That thing is crazy. And the zombies would be like watchout.

First place winner is:

A. Patel

Injecting myself with the T-Virus, I have become Pragmatic Man, a superhuman whose powers are practical.
My powers include:
– given any sock, being able to locate its twin
– being able to reach into my pocket and pull out exact change every time
– instantly being able to recarbonate flat soda
– appearing to females as the particular male they find most attractive, and
– the ability to draw perfect circles…freehand
Also, my salivary glands now produce vanilla cherry Dr. Pepper.

If you’re the winner, please contact me via email (go to the About page).

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