Neurowear’s new prototype, the Shippo Tail

Giving a whole new meaning, to “getting some tail”.

Anime Expo brings with it many interesting new products. One of the most original ideas we’ve got our hands on this year was the Necomimi Electronic Cat Ears. For those unaware, they read “Brainwave patterns” and will move depending on your mood to mimic the actions of a cat. Released just a couple days ago is a video demonstrating Neurowear’s new prototype, Shippo. From what the video shows, it will read and record, then transfer your mood to some sort of phone map app while also wagging and moving the tail to show emotion.

In all honesty, I don’t know if I would EVER wear this in public, let alone in every-day life. I also dislike the fact that anyone could read my emotions through my tail rather than facial expressions. I haven’t tested this tail myself, but will admit that the Necomimi was pretty fun, although I couldn’t see myself using them very often.

While the emotion mapping software is definitely something to further look into, the tail just seems like a repeating anthropomorphic nightmare I’ve had since first reading Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

For some this is a dream come true, and here you are, the Shippo.


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