The Dark Knight Rises DVD and Blu-ray will not include Extended Director’s Cut

There goes the hopes and dreams for many fans that Christopher Nolan would include deleted scenes or and extended cut for The Dark knight Rises. This originally spawned from a Nuke the Fridge claim that there would be a Director’s Cut for The Dark Knight Rises, releasing prior to Man of Steel hitting theaters. Some people close to Nolan have told The Playlist that the rumors were in fact false and that there were never going to be a Director’s Cut release.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as Nolan isn’t known for including deleted scenes or extra footage in DVD and Blu-ray releases of his films. Here’s what he had to say a few months ago in an interview with MTV:

 I tend to try and weed things out on paper because it’s crazy expensive to shoot things that aren’t going to be in the film,” he explained. “It also takes up a lot of time and energy. Pretty much with all my films, there are very few deleted scenes, which always disappoints the DVD crowd.

Fair enough, I can agree with that. Practically everything Nolan puts out is gold. It would have been nice to see some extra footage, but I’m fine with the movie. Here’s hoping that they release the trilogy in a box set at least.

Source: The Playlist

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