New beBionic hand for those in need of prosthetics

Technology has come a long way, from what we could only imagine in cartoons, comics or even movies. Now robotic prostheses are becoming so much more powerful. Sure, they don’t have secret weapons or give its user super human strength; however, they do help the wounded live on a normal life. Sometimes we take for granted what our normal day entails, like the use of both your hands to grab, touch, and feel for example.

RSL Steeper’s beBionic3 was just released to help those in need of arm prosthetics. The hand works by detecting faint electrical signals in the user’s skin. These signals are amplified by the electronics and translated into several possible grips, 14 to be exact. Its user can cycle through a choice of eight of these grips to handle a particular task. Tasks can range from anything like tying a shoe, grabbing loose change, holding a glass or plate, and operating a mouse. This new version 3 is stronger and more durable with improved electronics and new motors. With other redesigns of the thumb, the grip strength has improved from 16.8 pounds to 31.5 pounds. The beBionic3 can also now hold up to 99 pounds, up from 70.5 pounds with its previous version. The beBionic 3 can be ordered in several camouflage colors and a realistic silicone cover. Now this arm is not cheap either, it will range $25,000 – $35,000 depending on configuration.

One day prosthetics will only be limited by the creators imagination. Until then, we still have video games.

Source: Engadget, beBionic

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