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Billed as the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe, Dragon*Con is all that and more. With hours of panels, numerous fan based tracks, dealers rooms, art shows, pop art, nightly concerts, and a great night life just four days is not nearly enough to see and experience everything the Atlanta based convention has to offer. As soon as you step into one of the five hotels (the Hilton, the Sheraton, the Hyatt, the Marriott, and the Westin) which hosts the convention you’ll see people of all ages having a good time and embracing their chosen fandoms. It’s an extravaganza of sights and sounds where practically everyone is having a good time. I mean where else are you going to see a steampunk chatting with a jedi, Batman having a drink with Harry Potter, or two Hunter S. Thompsons chatting about Doctor Who. At Dragon*Con that’s where.

The estimated attendee count for this year was 55,000, which was around 10,000 more than last year. The convention was packed to the brim with fans who have traveled near and far (Los Angeles for me) to be a part of this wonderful event. For me it was my second year making the journey from the west to the east and Dragon*Con does not disappoint. If you’re convention rat like I am, try to make it to Dragon*Con. You will not regret it. But enough of me telling you how awesome Dragon*Con was, let me show you just how awesome it was.

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