Episode 3 of TellTale’s The Walking Dead might be available next week?

Are you ready for another emotionally exhausting adventure through TellTale’s The Walking Dead? I sure as hell am not. If you happened to stomach through the last 2 episodes you

Sony PlayStation 4 to support 4K resolution?

Is Sony planning to have the PlayStation 4 support 4K resolution? According to Yahoo, yes. Sony, and probably other TV companies, aren’t too happy with the numbers of 3D TV

Assassin’s Creed III: Behind the Scenes Episode One

Ubisoft has released the first part of its 4-part documentary series, Inside Assassin’s Creed III: Episode One. The game will have over 30 hours of gameplay and 2 and a

Movie review: The Bourne Legacy is born again!

The Bourne Legacy veers off a different path with Jeremy Renner starring in the leading role. So no Jason Bourne? Nope, it’s about his legacy. Jason Bourne lets the world

Mugen Souls delayed in North America, European fans unaffected

Not too long ago NIS America sent out a press release announcing the release date for Mugen Souls has been pushed back to October 16th due to schedule adjustments. The insane RPG

WWE ’13 full roster revealed, plus ‘Attitude Era’ trailer

WWE ’13 is only two months away from release, and this weekend during the Summerslam Fan Axxess event CM Punk, Lillian Garcia and Jim Ross revealed the entire roster for this year’s

Sam Raimi expects an R rating or worse for the ‘The Evil Dead’ remake

Sam Raimi is currently working on a prequel to the Wizard of Oz movie titled Oz the Great and Powerful starring James Franco and Mila Kunis. When asked about the upcoming remake

Dead or Alive 5’s Helena and Lisa character art, screenshots and video

Team Ninja has released some screenshots, character profiles, and a video featuring new contenders, Lisa Hamilton and Helena Douglas. Check out their updated look, outfits, and fighting style. Dead or

Pixar with a dash of hardcore violence: Taken Nemo

Don’t you just love Finding Nemo? Well I sure do. The touching story about a father and his amazing journey to reunite with his son…good times. But don’t you think

Watch Birdemic, the worst movie ever with Mystery Science Theater 3000

Sometimes you watch a movie, consider it bad and that you’d never watch it again. Then there are those few rare moments when you come across a movie so bad,

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 competing with Wii Sports Resort?

From the look of these brand new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5, you would think that Rockstar had given up a life of crime, replacing said life with one

And here are the finalists for IndieCade 2012, an event for indie game lovers

Botanicula screenshot IndieCade has announced the finalists for its IndieCade 2012 event Saturday – Sunday, Oct. 6 – 7, 2012, in Culver City, CA. There are 36 indie game finalists chosen

Ellen DeGeneres returning as Dory for Finding Nemo 2 and Partysaurus Rex short before Finding Nemo 3D

That cute, but scatter-brained tang fish is back! Ellen DeGeneres is currently in talks to bring her voice back to Dory for Finding Nemo 2. When the original role of

Sony to shut down WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

Today, Sony has decided to shut down Sony Liverpool, developer of the popular sci-fi racing franchise WipEout. The news first broke on a forum post on GRcade where original poster commented

Become a hobbit with the Plush Halfling Slippers

Okay, so being a hobbit might not be all that glamorous, but I always thought it’d be fun to walk around like a hobbit. Thanks to ThinkGeek, my dreams will

Superman and Wonder Woman will get it on like Donkey Kong

Check out the cover for DC’s Justice League #12. For fans of Superman and Lois, this will be a bad thing. For those who always wondered what it would be

Ubisoft says PC gamers pirate, therefore they’ll go F2P

Wow, I had no idea the pirating rate was that bad for Ubisoft’s PC games. The company has claimed that 93-95% of their PC games are pirated. CEO Yves Guillemot

Lincoln poster gives us another profile shot of Daniel Day-Lewis

I’m starting to think that our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, only likes it when photographers take pictures of his side. We saw it first with the debut photo of Daniel

Review: Phiaton bringing the phunk with PS 20 NC – Part 2

Check out our review of the Phiaton PS 20 BT here. In this review, we’ll be featuring the Phiaton Noise Canceling headset, the Phiaton PS 20 NC. This actually came at a

Review: Phiaton bringing the phunk with PS 20 BT – Part 1

When we were given the Phiaton PS 20 BT in-ear headset to review, I jumped at the chance to do it. Im always looking for a good pair to use for my