Is Disney phasing out all briefcase connections in the Avengers collector’s set?

Here’s an update to an article we posted earlier this month. According to Bleeding Cool, it seems that Disney has been responding to the Rimowa lawsuit by phasing out any

This is what happens when Tetris blocks are left alone

You really can’t leave a Tetris blocks alone together. Sooner or later they’re going to be fighting each other or making babies. What next? Singing Tetris blocks? Random Encounters has

NR Contest – Starship Troopers: Invasion Blu-ray/DVD

I guess it’s contest day today. We recently posted the Power Rangers contest, and now here’s another contest to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Starship Troopers and the release of

The winners for the Walking Dead Season 2 Blu-ray contest announced

Since we’ve received a lot of submissions for the contest and I’m getting ready to leave for Dragon*Con tomorrow, I’m going to have to randomly choose two winners for this

NR Contest: Power Rangers hoodie and sexy tunic tank dress

I recently attended Power Morphicon and am in a Power Rangers sharing mood. We’re teaming up with TV Store Online to run a contest where one winner will get his/her

CosCast 34: We’re back with prop builder Matt Munson

CosCast is back, bitches! After a longer-than-expected hiatus, the Coscast is up and running again with some new interviews. This week, prop builder Matt Munson stops by the studio and

Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles script reveals Colonel Schrader? Not Shredder?

I’m hoping that this script leak is false, but if it’s true, may god help us all. It’s a good thing that production has stopped for the time being. The

OUYA, the Android-based console

Anyone looking at Kickstarter these last couple of weeks could have seen this brand new open source gaming console; that’s right open source. This Android-based box has been designed by

REVEL by Disney Research

When someone says Disney, you tend to think theme parks, games and animated movies, not tactile technology. However, Disney Research has been hard at work developing REVEL, a reverse electrovibration

A more Social Chrome for iOS

Those of us who love the Chrome browser for Windows and Mac probably use it for iOS as well. This week a new update for iOS came out. The new

Unity supported by Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

If you’re a game developer, then you’ve probably worked with Unity before. With recent companies putting Windows 8 down, you’ll be happy to know that Unity will not only support

Uncharted movie getting new directors

Variety recently reported that the Uncharted movie was getting new directors, Marianne and Cormac Wibberly, the directors of National Treasure. You may remember Neil Burger (Limitless), after David O. Russel

Microsoft hosting Mixer for former OnLive employees

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that OnLive went bankrupt and had to fire half of its staff in order to pay off creditors and restructure. Microsoft is now trying

Voice of the Count from Sesame Street has passed

Jerry Nelson, the voice The Count, died at the age of 78. The Count was always one of my favorites of Sesame Street growing up. His accent always got me

NR Interview with The Apparition director Todd Lincoln

The Apparition hits theaters today and stars Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The First Avenger), Ashley Greene (Twilight) and Tom Felton (Harry Potter). We had the opportunity to chat it up

Kotobukiya’s version of Metal Gear REX

As some of you know this is not the first Metal Gear REX to be announced. ThreeA recently held a pre-order for their version of Metal Gear REX, and it

Winner for the New York City/Boston TV & Movie Sites Tour is…

Our New York City/Boston TV & Movie Sites Tour contest, with the help from On Location Tours, is finally over. The winner will receive two tickets to a location of

Dark Souls PC resolution issue fixed by user mod

For those that have gotten the long-awaited PC release of Dark Souls that just came out this week, you may have noticed that the game is very much a direct

New Zealand’s Middle-earth commercial shows no signs of hobbits, orcs or elves

In a perfect world, I would love to visit Middle-earth. Too bad it’s a fictional world created by Tolkien. The closest thing to Middle-earth in our reality happens to be

New Thor: Dark World casting adds another villain, brings back Kat Dennings and more

In this time of post-Avengers, fans are eagerly anticipating Phase 2 of Marvel’s movie plans. Since a lot of details have already been discussed and ironed out for Iron Man