Valve’s new Greenlight like Kickstarter, helps indies take off

Most companies, I’m sure, like to keep their catalogue of games neat and tidy (well, most of them, but we won’t name names). Customers need to have good experiences on any particular system, and to have the greatest chance of that, games that are unworthy of playing/purchasing need to be kept out.

Enter Valve’s Greenlight system. Rather than flooding the market, and Valve’s servers, Greenlight allows Steam users to gather information, and look at pictures and videos of games, and then vote “yes” or “no” on whether or not the game should even have the chance to be sold on Steam. It’s a bit like Kickstarter, helping small ideas to have a chance in the big scary world of publishing.

I did have the thought that this would mean that Greenlight would be flooded, except that with Greenlight, at least games will be deleted from the system if gamers don’t like them. It’s a much better alternative to the supremely flooded markets that are iOS and Android.

Go Greenlight some indies, if it pleases you.

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