Dark Souls PC resolution issue fixed by user mod

For those that have gotten the long-awaited PC release of Dark Souls that just came out this week, you may have noticed that the game is very much a direct port, which means limited resolution options. In a shining example of just how awesome the DS community is, NeoGAF user Durante has provided a mod to break the resolution chains and allow everyone to play at its full potential.

The game is normally fixed at a 1024×720 resolution, which looks pretty shoddy if you have a large monitor. The Durante Mod (as I like to call it) fixes this by allowing users to enable higher resolutions, making the game look crisp and sharper on those fancy wide screen displays. The difference is extremely noticeable, as evidenced by the before and after example shots posted in the thread. Even more impressive is the fact that Durante was able to implement the mod just a few minutes after the game’s release, as he had been working on it the week prior.

The mod is essentially a must if you want a true PC-like experience, though you’re probably still gonna want a USB controller at the very least. This game apparently isn’t keyboard friendly. Or, friendly at all, for that matter. Speaking of which, watch out for that dragon about to toast your flesh because you’re too busy taking notice of the improved resolution.

(Props also to user DennisK4 for providing the all-too-appropriate image.)

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