Sony PlayStation 4 to support 4K resolution?

Is Sony planning to have the PlayStation 4 support 4K resolution? According to Yahoo, yes. Sony, and probably other TV companies, aren’t too happy with the numbers of 3D TV adopters. So what’s their plan to make people want to buy more TV sets? Sony is hoping that it would be the TV sets with 4K resolution. By having the PlayStation 4 support it, Sony is hoping that consumers would spend the dough on TV again with the 4K-resolution TV set. It is already headed towards pushing 4K technology with the 80-inch XBR LED television set, and it already has a 4K Blu-ray players on sale for $200.

What I’m more concerned about is the framerate on games. I just recently played Sleeping Dogs on the PS3, and it was kind of jerky, and most PS3 games are 720 anyway. For me, they’d need to fix the smoothness of the framerate before they can focus on anything else.

Because Sony was able to win the format war with Blu-ray being the victor, I’m assuming they think that they can do that for 4K technology.

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