Episode 3 of TellTale’s The Walking Dead might be available next week?

Are you ready for another emotionally exhausting adventure through TellTale’s The Walking Dead? I sure as hell am not. If you happened to stomach through the last 2 episodes you know people have died and survival seems bleak. What more would you expect from a Walking Dead video game? While many fans have been eagerly awaiting the released date for Episode 3, news has come out that you might be able to play it as early as next week.

According to IGN, TellTale has already submitted the Episode and it could be out any day now.

“Episode Three: Long Road Ahead is in submission with our first party partners and we are anxiously awaiting a release date to be confirmed. We anticipate that this could be as soon as next week, and as soon as we have a confirmation on all platforms, we’ll be letting everyone know as soon as it happens.”

Earlier this year at E3, Telltale assured us that they would try to release a new episode every month. So far they have been releasing an episode every 2 months, but hey, I’m only complaining because I’m loving the series.

During a recent interview, the TellTale dev team was asked what fans can expect from the new episode.

There’s stuff that if we told you, you’d probably cry or throw up, or want to shoot yourself.

Oh good, I was worried that I had not put Clementine through enough trauma. This will surely destroy any innocence she has left. Thanks!

Emotionally scarring trauma aside, Episode 3 will get two new characters, Christa and Omid. Who knows how long these new characters will stick around with the rate people are dying?

The Walking Dead : The Game – Episode 3: Long Road Ahead hopefully releases next week. Stay tuned.

Source: IGN

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