Watch Birdemic, the worst movie ever with Mystery Science Theater 3000

Sometimes you watch a movie, consider it bad and that you’d never watch it again. Then there are those few rare moments when you come across a movie so bad, that you can’t help but to watch it again and again. Well Birdemic is one of those movies and I can attest to that first hand. The movie is hands down the worst movie I have ever watch and has ever been created. There’s even an official drinking game that was created by the production crew of the film. We put that drinking game to the test and let’s just say we drank A LOT! We even did a drunk podcast about the film, which will be released soon.

So why would you pay to watch this movie? Why not? It’s practically history that you’re witnessing here and it will be more fun than you can possibly imagine. RiffTrax along with Fathom Events is hosting a one-day only event to watch the film on October 25. Also, you get the added bonus of a live broadcast from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew that is watching the film at the same time. Granted, they might not be with you in the same theater, but they will be broadcasting live from Nashville to over 550 select theaters. So you get to all of the classic wise-cracks from a crew that knows bad movies.

Michael J. Nelson of Mystery Science Theater had this to say about the movie, “I don’t know what it is about ‘BIRDEMIC’—terrible acting, terrible sound, terrible directing, terrible editing—and yet there’s some sort of secret bad movie ingredient I can’t put my finger on that makes this simply one of the most fun bad movies of all time.

By now you’re probably about to pull up Google and see what all the hype is about, so I’ll be a nice guy and include a synopsis of the film and the official trailer below. Click here for tickets or here for participating theaters.

Directed by James Nguyen in 2006, “BIRDEMIC” is the story of Rod, a young software salesman on the brink of launching a solar panel business in Silicon Valley. Things really seem to be going Rod’s way, especially when he reconnects with beautiful high school classmate Nathalie, a model who Victoria’s Secret chooses out of the blue to be their new cover girl. Their unbelievably perfect world is shattered by a sudden, unexplained bird attack. The vultures team up with the eagles, and begin dropping caustic liquids and exploding like bombs (really!). Rod and Nathalie find themselves on a terror-filled ride up and down the coast, fighting off the vicious birds with their wits and…coat hangers. Yes, coat hangers.


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