Superman and Wonder Woman will get it on like Donkey Kong

Check out the cover for DC’s Justice League #12. For fans of Superman and Lois, this will be a bad thing. For those who always wondered what it would be like for the two superheroes to get together, then this is a match made in heaven. This issue will be on sale August 29th.

Writer Geoff Johns has mentioned that the two together will have an effect on every Justice League members. This will not be a one-issue event, it will be a big event that will have the two become a superhero couple.

Don’t worry though, Superman really isn’t cheating on Lois Lane anyway, since Lois and Clark aren’t married or together in the DC New 52 reboot.

For me, who better to handle Superman than Wonder Woman? I’m sorry Lois Lane, but did you really think you could handle the power of his baby maker? Now Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is very capable.

Source: EW

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