Review: Phiaton bringing the phunk with PS 20 NC – Part 2

Check out our review of the Phiaton PS 20 BT here. In this review, we’ll be featuring the Phiaton Noise Canceling headset, the Phiaton PS 20 NC. This actually came at a great time for me to review this. When I’m not writing for Nerd Reactor, I’m working as an IT tech. During lunch I usually go out to my car and eat or just catch a few Zs, but thanks to this weird and hot California weather we’ve been having recently, I’ve been just sleeping/eating in my server room. And let me tell you it gets loud. We have over 50 servers, 10 huge UPS, and an AC machine working 24/7 to keep everything cool. Anyway, the headset came in handy when I had to stay there for my lunch. This pretty much blocked out everything and I am able to eat or sleep in peace.


The designs on this headset are superb. The milky white with gray and silver touches made it look clean. The ear buds is white with silver trimming and a gray outline, and the noise canceler controls is white with silver clip and a gray writing of “PHIATON” on the body. It is very stylish in my opinion. It also comes with 4 different silicon ear tips, airplane adapter and a carry pouch.


As I said in the beginning I usually use this during my lunch break at work and it works. If I don’t go to sleep I usually take out my tablet and stream a movie or episode. And I could barely hear the servers behind me. I think if I were not within 5-10 feet of the server racks I would not be able to hear that. So, I tried this at my house and did it while watching TV. Let me tell you it blocked all sound from it. I have a 7.1 1000-Watt receiver and put up the volume to 35 and was able to block out the sound. This was an amazing thing. I have never used a noise canceling headset before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Their claim of blocking 95% of noise is true.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a noise canceling headset and prefer an in-ear over an on-ear/over-ear headset then the Phiaton PS 20 NC is for you. This is worth it, and not only is it stylish, it also does what it says.

Grade: A

You can get more information and places to buy on their website.


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