Tech company creates hover vehicle similar to Star Wars speeder bikes

As a kid, seeing those speeder bikes in Star Wars made me always want one. Now that I’ve grown up, I still want one. Seeing technology similar to that in my lifetime was never thought possible, until now. A company named Aerofex have taken a flawed 1960’s two-duct rotor design and improved upon it. The initial problems were stability and rollover, which Aerofex have addressed and somewhat fixed. That fix being a new mechanical system with 2 handlebars at knee level, resembling that of an ATV. By adding that, users can operate the vehicle based on their own balance by leaning, etc.

Unfortunately, the company does not plan to manufacture manned versions, but use them as testing for unmanned drones. Different instances of planned usage are agriculture, delivery, search-and-rescue teams and even the military. Either way, the fact that this might come to fruition is amazing. And who knows, maybe we might get a civilian version at some point. Now we just have to wait for hover boards…

Source: Yahoo News

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