Review: Phiaton bringing the phunk with PS 20 BT – Part 1

When we were given the Phiaton PS 20 BT in-ear headset to review, I jumped at the chance to do it. Im always looking for a good pair to use for my everyday use, as well as for the gym. I prefer in-ear because I wear glasses and it can sometimes act as a noise canceler. This headset, like many Bluetooth headsets, can answer your call as well as play music.


The design of this headset is very clean and well thought out. It’s mostly black gloss with gold trim on the ear buds; and gold “PHIATON” with white for the play/pause and prev./fwd. on the Bluetooth receiver. The design for the receiver looks like a very small mouse with a long tail, which I wasn’t fond of. Everything else looks great. It will for sure get you some look in places you go. It also comes with 4 different silicon ear tips, carry pouch, lanyard, and a micro USB cable for charging.


The sound this in-ear headset delivers is really good. The bass was just right, though a bit of tweaking on my phone needed to be done, and that’s to be expected for most headphones. I got a really good use of it when I was working out at the gym, since I was able to block out all the surrounding music and people working out. All that and I was still be able to enjoy my music, which makes it a plus in my book.

Now on to the phone use. There were some highs and lows about this part of the headphone. It didn’t handle the outside noise well while I was driving, but it was able to block most of the noise while in the gym. I was able to get good 4 hours of music and 4.5 hours of phone usage, give or take.

Final Verdict

The Phiaton PS 20 BT is a good in-ear headset for those looking for a BT headphone. It is both stylish and very useful.

Grade: B

You can get more information and places to buy on their website.

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