If you have a cosplay Facebook page, it might already be deleted

The cosplay Facebook world is going in a frenzy. Many are panicking about Facebook deleting their accounts. What is exactly going on here?

Facebook is doing some summer cleaning by removing 83 million Facebook accounts that are considered duplicate accounts, misclassified accounts and “undesirable” accounts. In the world of cosplay, many cosplayers use their personal Facebook profiles as their cosplay portfolio.

To let people know that a cosplayer’s personal profile is dedicated to cosplay, they would change the name of their account to let their friends and fans know that it’s for their cosplay; for example, having their last name be “Cosplay”. By doing this, Facebook considers their personal profile misclassified, since they should be using their REAL name. This violates Facebook’s Terms of Service, and as a result, goodbye personal Facebook account.

This is why it’s best to create a Facebook fan page instead, since those who already have cosplay Facebook fan pages aren’t affected. I repeat, Fan pages are okay.

All I have to say is that if your last name is really Cosplay, you’re [email protected]#ked.

Source: KVUE via Cosplay in America

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