Disney sets The Rocketeer to fly once again?

The Rocketeer was by far one of my favorite films as a kid growing up. Flying jet packs, exploding Zeppelins, Jennifer Connelly, organized crime, Nazi spies, what’s not to love? Although my love for the film didn’t transfer into success at the box-office, The Rocketeer has always had a cult following. It was only December of last year that the film finally found its way on to Blu-ray for its 20th anniversary, and word on the street is that Disney plans to reboot the franchise in the near future.

Many don’t know but originally The Rocketeer was set to be a Trilogy. Hot off the success of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ Indiana Jones, Disney thought they could recreate the same success with The Rocketeer. Due to the film’s poor performance, all plans for a sequel were scrapped. Oddly enough, The Rocketeer was one of the reasons director Joe Johnston was chosen to direct Captain America: The First Avenger.

So far this is still only a rumor, but I would be interested in seeing this classic film remade. Hell, maybe Joe Johnston would like another crack at it? Maybe Far East Movement will do the theme song? Stay tuned! đŸ˜›

Source: Vulture

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