Ben Affleck in talks to direct Justice League

Not to be outdone by all these Avengers news, Variety is reporting that Warner Bros is eyeing Gone Baby Gone director, Ben Affleck, to direct the long-gestating Justice League movie. After Christopher Nolan declared himself out of the running for the directorial position, Warner Bros decided to go to its next go-to director in Ben Affleck.

Affleck has risen the ranks of Warner’s trusted, go-to directors as his film The Town garnered both critical and financial success. So far, Affleck has been the only director who has read the Justice League script, written by Gangster Squad writer Will Beall.

I see one big problem with all this. Let me put this out there, I think Ben Affleck is a GREAT director, he has a great feel for pacing and the acting in his movies are always top-notch. One of the problems I see here is that Affleck has stated that he is interested in directing films that he also stars in. I don’t know about you but I don’t think anyone has forgotten about Affleck starring in another costumed hero movie.

The audience doesn’t forget bad movies. How many times have you and your friends, have talked about bad comic book movies and Daredevil is listed? In my opinion, I think that if Affleck stars as one of the heroes, the audience will automatically think of Daredevil. Which will put a bad taste in people’s mouths, and already give negative press for the Justice League.

I do think though that if he does take on the job, he will do a great job at it. We’ll just have to see in the next couple of days when Warner and Affleck talk whether or not he takes on this huge job.


Source: Variety

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