The Amazing Spider-Man game review – Amazingly Good

The Amazing Spider-Man movie released earlier this week while the game came out last week.  Even if you haven’t seen the movie yet, the good news is that the story

Naruto and Street Fighter fan film team Thousand Pounds Action needs your help on their next project

The Thousand Pounds Action guys are known for their live-action martial arts action fan films of Naruto, Street Fighter, and Street Fighter X Tekken, and now they need your help

Watch EVO 2012 with Nerd Reactor

  Couldn’t make the trip down to Las Vegas so that you could experience the magic at the biggest fighting game tournament of the year? Fear not, for you can

Total Recall viral contest will turn your dreams into reality

In the movie Total Recall, Doug Quaid (Colin Farrell) enters the futuristic Rekall program to escape from reality and implant a fantasy life into his mind. Now you guys can

Howard Shore scores video game music with Soul of the Ultimate Nation

I’ve geeked over Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings score ever since I first heard it in theaters back in 2001. Everything about the tracks in the trilogy felt epic,

Ninten-Download: Zelda (NES) on 3DS, Heroes of Ruin demo

Just fyi, internet, Nintendo is celebrating this Summer as an “8-bit Summer”, and having grown up on 8-bit games, it’s a promotion I can get behind. This week, The Legend

Anime Expo 2012 Impressions

Anime Expo 2012 has officially drawn to a close and everyone has gone home after 4 days of cosplay, events, anime, gatherings, and artwork. We took a ton of pictures

Sega bringing NiGHTS into dreams into HD

[youtube][/youtube]   Yep, this is correct. Sega is giving the highly acclaimed Sega Saturn title, as well as one of the greatest games of all time, NiGHTS into dreams, the

Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom coming to XBLA and PSN

This is for you 90s Marvel fighting game fans out there. Capcom has revealed Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, a title that includes both Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom

Halo 4 mulitplayer needs 8GB of space

For those that still have a small hard drive for their Xbox 360 and want to play multiplayer on Halo 4, they may want to think of upgrading to a

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron new trailer and launch date

High Moon Studios has released a new Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer along with the new launch date announcement. Featured in the new trailer is Metroplex, a giant f***ing Transfomer

Listen to samples of The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack

Warner Bros. has released 15 sample tracks from The Dark Knight Rises from composer Hans Zimmer. You might have noticed that James Newton Howard isn’t attached as composer. According to

Who is the mystery man in the Amazing Spider-Man mid-credits scene?

Spoilers Ahead If you’ve stayed a bit behind during the end credits of The Amazing Spider-Man, you’d see a scene where Dr. Curt Connors is inside an asylum cell after

Oz The Great and Powerful gets a beautiful poster art

Disney has released a new poster artwork from Oz The Great and Powerful. Now here’s hoping that the actual film will capture the beauty of this artwork. Oz the Great

Another pro-American Assassin’s Creed III trailer showing the British as the enemy

Ubisoft has released a pro-American live-action trailer for Assassin’s Creed III. It makes sense, since today is Independence Day. But not everybody is pleased with the trailer, since some British

NR Giveaway – Adventure Time: The Complete First Season DVD

To celebrate the release of the Adventure Time: The Complete First Season DVD next week (July 10, 2012), we’re going to be throwing a contest of epic proportions. Nerd Reactor

Batman vs. Wolverine fan film = Results will have some fans raging

There have been many debates in the comic geek community about who’d win in a battle, Batman or Wolverine. Now there’s a fan film with the two fan-favorite comic characters

Play the Resident Evil 6 demo today by jumping through hoops

The Resident Evil 6 Xbox 360 demo is available today. Sorry PlayStation 3 owners, but Microsoft got to Capcom before Sony did. Now before you get all excited, there are

Hidden Easter Eggs in Pixar’s Brave

For those of you that can’t get enough of Pixar’s Brave, check out the Easter Eggs found in the animated film here. Take a look at the above and below

EU courts say consumers can resell digital games

European courts have made a huge ruling that can possibly effect the future of digital distribution. Their ruling has declared that consumers have the right to resell their used downloaded