Portal Iron Man: The suit is not a lie

Check out this amazing Portal Iron Man artwork by artist Sean Walsh. His friend came up with a concept art, and he decided to make a fine piece of artwork

Batman and Bane become best friends and ‘His Ride Isn’t a Car’ parodies

AwesomenessTV and Random Encounters have each released their own parodies for The Dark Knight Rises, which hits theaters on July 20th. These should definitely get you guys hyped up for

Dead or Alive 5 Tag Mode video and screenshots featuring Tina Armstrong, Lisa and Jann Lee

Tecmo has released a new Tag Mode video and screenshots featuring what else, tag team action! Along with that, we have some new images and screenshots of Lisa, Jann Lee

Mike Morhaime responds to fans about Diablo III

Despite breaking records in sales and having received praise all around, many people are still find things to criticize about Diablo III. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime actually took the time

Wreck-It Ralph: Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter’s Ken and Ryu confirmed

Disney has announced voice actors and new video game characters for its upcoming Wreck-It Ralph animated film including Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter’s Ken and Ryu. Voicing Sonic is┬áRoger

‘Xena XXX’ DVD cover exclusive first look

If you haven’t heard yet, Exquisite Films is producing an adult parody of our favorite warrior princess. Here’s the exclusive first look of Exquisite Films’ Xena XXX DVD cover featuring

SDCC: Ant-Man test footage description

Our reader Mark “The Ultimate Iron Man Fan” has blessed us with another Comic-Con report. This time it’s the description for the Ant-Man test footage that debuted at the Marvel

Headphone Review: X-RAY YANKEE ZULU’s budget conscious with bass

Headphone Review: X-RAY YANKEE ZULU’s budget conscious with bass

SDCC: The Venture Bros. Interview with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

During Comic-Con I spent a lot of time time covering plenty of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim shows that included talking to the voice actors and teams. My fanboy side

SDCC: Iron Man 3 detailed footage description

You guys want a detailed description of the Iron Man 3 footage? Well, here it is. Thanks to our fan Mark “The Ultimate Iron Man Fan” for sharing this with

Rugrats: Live-Action Movie

Yes! My childhood cartoon is finally coming to real life. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Angelica are back, but in a bizarre adventure. Funny or Die did it again by

Christopher Nolan defends fans that are angered over bad reviews of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Are you one of the many fans that was livid over some of the bad reviews that came out about The Dark Knight Rises? Well if you were, don’t worry

The Walking Dead invades Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

Universal Studios in Florida and Hollywood have been doing a lot of Halloween Horror Nights firsts lately, like teaming up with Konami to create the Silent Hill Maze, making it

Blue Fin – Asks which figures do you want released?

At many of the major conventions I’ve been to, I always find myself in a huge line going to buy model kits, statues or action figures. And at the same

Occult Academy Blu-ray review – Time travel, ghosts, magic and lots of comedy

in the future the world met with disaster as aliens invaded the Earth, killing millions and destroying nearly everything. There are not that many humans left, but those that are

Batman vs. Captain America fan film – Stunt wires included

I see a new trend on the horizon, and that is seeing your favorite heroes beat the crap out of each other via fan films. Following the Batman vs. Wolverine

Project Triforce, Badassery replica weapons to scale

Many of us have often wondered what it would be like to hold, feel, and smell the weapon of choice from our favorite video games. One such way would be

Dark Knight Fans attack negative reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes

The final installment of the Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is just a few days away and the anticipation has reached the boiling point. With emotions running high, a few reviews

Iron Man 3 has Barrel of Monkeys cameo

Hollywood is head over heels over comic book movies and child game adapted movies. This summer we were bombarded by many comic book movies including The Avengers and The Amazing

SDCC: Resident Evil 6 and Damnation trailers

Resident Evil fans rejoice! We have trailers for the upcoming Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil Damnation that premiered during San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend. RE fans at Comic-Con