The Dark Knight Rises passes $200 million after its 6th day of release

Many “analysts” were expecting The Dark Knight Rises’ opening weekend to beat The Avengers’ $207 million opening weekend. That was not the case when it grossed only $161 million, which

Spy Kid’s Alexa Vega gets sexy in Machete Kills sequel

Our little Alexa Vega is all grown up, and my god does she look smoking! You may remember her as Carmen Cortez from the Spy Kids series, but it looks

New Life of Pi trailer looks visually stunning

When Prometheus was released earlier this year, there was a small trailer that played with it called Life of Pi. Little was known at the time about it with the

The Wolverine set photos reveal WWII Japanese Prison Camps

At a recent Australian press conference held for The Wolverine prior to the beginning of production, photographers were invited onto the set to check out some of the in-production set

Angels and Demons fight over mankind’s fate – Darksiders 2 trailer

While we’re all anxiously awaiting the inevitable Darksiders 2 movie starring Antonio Banderas and his lovely locks of coal-tinged magnificence, the latest Darksiders 2 trailer for the video game is

Do we really need The Hobbit to become a trilogy?

There were rumors that the powers that be wanted The Hobbit to be a trilogy. I didn’t really think much of it because The Hobbit as two movies would be

SDCC: Wreck-it Ralph press conference

Disney’s upcoming video game movie starring John C. Reilly as Wreck-it Ralph, a video game baddie who has been doing the same job for the last 30 years as a villain

Build your own Transformers and multiplayer action in Fall of Cybertron video

Since I didn’t get a chance to mess with multiplayer in War for Cybertron, I’m excited to finally jump into multiplayer for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. That means creating my

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary events headed your way

If you haven’t noticed, Street Fighter is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Capcom announced a while back the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set ($149.99) for the PlayStation 3

Let’s make this Zombie Pinup 2013 Calendar a reality

Who doesn’t love zombies? With The Walking Dead TV show, Resident Evil games, and Paul W.S. Anderson’s never-ending journey to milk the Resident Evil film franchise dry, zombies are here

Interview with Metal Hurlant Chronicles director Guillaume Lubrano

The science-fantasy Heavy Metal comic magazine has spanned across multiple mediums including film and video games. It has yet to have its own TV series. That’s where Metal Hurlant Chronicles

SDCC 2012: OZ the Great and Powerful

The room was packed, and if Sam Raimi wasn’t enough, two beautiful ladies, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams, were on stage. There were about a few hundred other press members in the room, and

Zakuro Review – Can co-existence really happen between humans and spirits?

Don’t be fooled by all the pink and pretty artworks, because you’ll miss out on some comedy and action (romance is already a given). The story is set in an

Faith in humanity restored: Christian Bale visits Colorado shooting victims

Today was the first day in court for the suspect of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. 24-year-old James Holmes could be looking at 12 counts of First Degree Murder and

Preordering Resident Evil 6 nets you an Umbrella umbrella

Depending on where you live, this Umbrella umbrella may or may not be useful to you when you receive it alongside your brand new copy of Resident Evil 6. On

Learn the moves of Persona 4 Arena’s cast.

Need a bit of a primer on how to perform a character’s moves before Persona 4 Arena comes out? Atlus has you covered, as they’ve recently uploaded the final videos

Here’s an extravagant Disney/Pop musical with a pro-gay message

Todrick Hall, the guy who brought us “Beauty and the Beat”, is at it again with another Disney-inspired musical, “CinderFella”. The story is about CinderFella wanting to go to the

SDCC: Ben 10: Omniverse

It’s Hero Time! Ben Tennyson has been on the adventures of a lifetime. He has saved the world hundreds of times from aliens, evil genisus, magical forces and the list

SDCC: Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

I love Robot Chicken, so given the opportunity to interview the guys who spend all their time working with toys to create 15-minute episodes every Sunday was an easy yes. At

The Hobbit Production Diary visits San Diego Comic-Con and Hall H

As part of the Hobbit Production Diary, this video follows Peter Jackson and crew as they head to San Diego Comic-Con to do interviews and panels. It’s a good thing