New action-packed Skyfall trailer

After 4 years of absence on the movie scene James Bond is back with Skyfall. I admit when I heard who the director and cast was, I couldn’t wait to see what the new Bond was going to look like. As the first teaser got released, I loved the cinematography in the teaser but I still wanted to know what Skyfall is about. Now we get a new action-packed international trailer revealing more of the storyline in Skyfall, along with our first look at a blonde Javier Bardem as the villain.

The plot is very interesting as M supposedly lost the hard drive containing every secret agent implanted in every terrorist group around the globe. Of course, James Bond has to be brought in to clean up all of the mess, albeit after getting “killed in action”.

Biggest question I saw while watching the new trailer was with Silva, and if he was a former agent in MI6 (also why did they make him blonde, that just looks awkward). He told James Bond that he was “chasing spies”, say that they’re “two survivors, this is what she made us”, and also calling M “Mommy” as well. All signs made me think, “Wait, is he a former agent in MI6?” If he is a former agent, why is he going after M and MI6? I guess my questions will be answered in 4 months when James Bond returns to theaters on November 9th.

Oh also, all the awesome action scenes… yay!

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