Want your own mech? Let’s hope you have money

I have been saying this for many years; Japan’s buildings are just giant robots in hibernation. They are ready to take over the world or end it. Now they are ready to mass produce robots. According to Wired Japan, the Suidobashi Heavy Industry has created a completed 13-foot tall, 4.4-ton diesel-powered robot named Kuratas.

The Kuratas is the brainchild of artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics engineer Wataru Yoshizaki. But just having one working mech is not the final step. Suidobashi wants to mass produce the mech; for a low, low price of $1.35 million.

The Kuratas has over 30 hydraulic joints to move its arms, legs, and torso. It can fire plastic bottles, fireworks, and it has a 6,000 round BB gattling guns which are controlled by the pilot. Also, inside the cockpit is a facial recognition system. Something similar to the KINECT which is part of Yoshizaki’s V-Shido control system. Currently it has wheels for legs, but they would like to build legs in future iterations to traverse uneven terrain.

They recently displayed this in Chiba during WonFes 2012 in Japan, and there are also promotional videos to go with it. Please take a look at the videos below.


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