iPhone 5 coming soon, along with iPad Mini… wait, what?

iPhone 5

All of us patient, and I mean PATIENT, early iPhone 4 users waiting for the iPhone 5 won’t have to wait much longer. According to iMore, Apple is gearing up for a September 12 event to unveil the new iPhone 5. That’s not all folks! Coming out of left field to those not in the know, Apple is also set to unveil the iPad mini as well. According to iMore’s sources, the iPad mini will be designed the same as current 9″ iPads, just sized down to 7″. Why is this even being released at all, I have no idea. Why develop a device that’s two inches smaller? Well… with it being smaller in size, I hope it lessens the awkwardness when people use their iPads as a camera…

To me the marquee highlight of the planned event is the iPhone 5. With the upcoming release of iOS6 and the limited functionality the iPhone 4 has with the iOS6, it became really tempting to get the iPhone 4S as an early adopter of the iPhone 4. Now with the impending release of the iPhone 5, all my worries disappeared. I will be getting the iPhone 5 now and I will be reviewing it here once it comes out.

*coughs* *coughs*

Source: iMore

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