Persona 4 Arena suffering from lag issues on Xbox 360 in Japan

Persona 4 Arena (Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena in Japan) is one of my must-have fighters for 2012. Developed by Arc Systems Work and Atlus, the game features characters from Persona 4 and a few from Persona 3.

The game is already flying off the shelves in Japan and has already suffered from lagging issues, but this only affects the Xbox 360 version. Currently Atlus of Japan is looking into the problem and recommends players to select “Custom Match”, “Same Area”, and “Good Connection” when going online. PlayStation 3 owners should be happy that they are unaffected by this.

Persona 4 Arena releases August 7th for North America. Atlus plans to have a fix for this before its US Launch.

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