Japanese government investigating Sony over PSVita

As if the Vita doesn’t have enough to worry about as it struggles to keep up in the handheld console race, now there’s a new problem coming up. A series of complaints possibly being attributed to faulty hardware is now prompting the Japanese government to conduct an investigation against Sony.

The incident refers to several complaints that have arisen that describe the Vita as overheating at various times. 31 cases have so far been documented, with 23 originating from Japan, and eight coming from NA, EU, and AUS. The investigation is planned to be performed by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, an independent offshoot of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Sony’s official statement on the matter is that they blame the overheating problem on the possibility that people are using the power cords after they have been in contact with water or some other fluid, denying the possibility of a defect. While such things are likely possible, the chances of over 30 people in different parts of the world dropping their cords in the bathtub while charging their Vita seems pretty small.


Source: wired.com

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