All 4 Jaws films are now available on HBO GO!

For the past couple months now, I have been enjoying all the features HBO GO has to offer. With HBO GO, I was able to quickly marathon my way through Game of Thrones, making it just in time for the Season 3 finale. Among many acclaimed series like True Blood, Game of Thrones, The Sapranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO GO also has movies. Recently, to much of my inner child’s delight, all five Jaws movies have all become available.

Yes, you heard right. All five movies are now available for your viewing pleasure; the monumental first film that single-handedly launched Steven Spielberg’s career into super stardom; the somewhat enjoyable 2nd film that was not as good as the first, but at least it still had Roy Scheider; and the horrific 3rd film, which was in 3D, and starred Dennis Quad at SeaWorld. And last and definitely the least, Jaws: The Revenge, a film that many have hoped would have stayed forgotten (I’m sure Michael Caine does).

For me, this is the uber nostalgia overload. As a kid growing up, I absolutely loved all of the Jaws films. I was a kid and I had no idea what made a good or bad movie. I just knew I loved sharks and all the Jaws movies had the biggest ones. So if you also have an undying love of giant Great White sharks terrorizing small town folk, make sure to check out the Jaws Quadrilogy on HBO GO.

Ever wonder what the 5th film would be like? hmmm…

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