SDCC: Ben 10: Omniverse

It’s Hero Time!

Ben Tennyson has been on the adventures of a lifetime. He has saved the world hundreds of times from aliens, evil genisus, magical forces and the list goes on.

Ben’s adventures started when he was 10-years old, spending a summer with his cousin Gwen and his Grandpa Max. It was from that point on Ben would find the Omnitrix and become a hero the world needed to fight again aliens and other beings who would attack the earth or try to claim the most powerful item in the universe that was attached to Ben’s arm that gave him access to transform into different aliens each with their own powers, giving him the ability to fight.

Ben 10 ened and was followed by Ben Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, and now Ben 10 Omniverse each have different styles of art. Ben 10 Omniverse pays homage to the original artstyle and has a more chilidish look compared to Ultimate Alien, but the action and characters are the same. The biggest change is now Ben lives with granpa Max and works more closely with the plumbers, Gwen is going off to college and Kevin is heading off with her. Now Ben will be teaming up with a new alien partner Rook who is a trained plumber with no real battle experinece.


Getting to sit down with Yuri Lowenthall and Paul Paul Eiding two veteran voice actors, and talk from Ben 10 to Ben 10: Omniverse, Anime and Video games.

Ben 10: Omniverse will air August 4th, 2012 on Cartoon Network.

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