Stan Lee and Jace Hall’s FanWars: Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones

Nothing gets fanboys all excited and riled up like discussing their favorite geek hero match-ups, for example, Batman vs. Superman or Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher. It seems like this is the year of the geek hero battles, especially with web series like Super Power Beat Down and Ultimate Fan Fights. Comic book legend Stan Lee and fellow geek Jace Hall have produced a new show, FanWars, that pits hero against hero. The format of the show resembles court shows like Judge Judy. Jace Hall becomes the judge while fans come up to represent their heroes’ case.

In episode 3 of FanWars, we have the battle of the Harrison Fords, Han Solo and Indiana Jones. P.S. Nerd Reactor fans dressed up as Nerdzilla make an appearance starting at the 3:30 mark. So holla at the screen if you see them.

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