Blue Fin – Asks which figures do you want released?

At many of the major conventions I’ve been to, I always find myself in a huge line going to buy model kits, statues or action figures. And at the same time I also like seeing what figures will be released in the near future. The main two booths I visited were Square Enix and Blue Fin. There is also AAA Anime, but they only showcase upcoming releases at cons.

This year I found out something I didn’t know before after seeing some figures and talking to Xavier Lim, Director of Marketing for Blue Fin. Blue Fin showcases tons of figures at big cons and even sells to attendees while being distributors. I have known them for the last decade as the guys who always sell and have the most Gundam model kits. But that’s not all, they carry tons of other goodies from Kotobukiya, Square Enix, Tamashii Nations, and more.

But that isn’t all they do, there are a lot of figures and statues that are undecided on if they get a release, so Blue Fin works with the companies to showcase and gauge interest.

Tiger and Bunny is honestly one of my favorite anime series in quite some time. Comedy, Action and Super Heroes, who needs anything else? Even though a few of the Figuarts are already out, including the chibi figures, just take a look at the Lunatic and the human forms for Origami Cyclone and Sky High. Plus the Tiger and Bunny vehicle is something I know I’d buy.

The Mega Man X D-Arts line, there are a few releases of X (armor, original and a comic-con exclusive from last year) and 2 versions of Zero was released (one with saber and one without) and for SDCC, Vile was released early.

Take a look at the other three figures that have yet to be released, a Sigma D-Arts, A Black Zero and an armorer carrier for Vile. Honestly I say I want all 3 for the full MMX series experience especially the Black Zero.

An Iconic and over heard scene from the first saga in Dragonball Z. While Goku and Vegeta Figuarts have been released it has never been like this, Nappa has never gotten his own figure since his time on the series was short but even still this set was showcased to gauge interest in bringing over these figures. Same goes for many of these Figurarts figures. Which do you want to see released?

I thought I would close with another iconic scene from Dragonball Z with one I especially like, Cell for Super Sayain 2 Gohan in the ultimate battle that ended the Cell Saga.

Do you want to see these figures released? Honestly I would love to see more of the Figuarts line be released from the Tiger and Bunny, DBZ and especially the Mega Man X line, but one person isn’t enough to decide. It takes a lot of people who want to see these released and will buy them. Let Blue Fin know or post if you want to buy these, heck you can even give them some ideas of what you want to see. We will make sure they see this.


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