SDCC: Captain America 2, Ant-Man, Guardian of the Galaxy, Thor 2 and Iron Man 3

Marvel Studios has released a lot of information for their upcoming Phase 2 of the Marvel movie universe during and after San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend. We’ve got news about Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America 2, Thor 2, and Iron Man 3.

Captain America 2
Variety has the scoop that Captain America’s buddy, Bucky, is returning in Captain America 2, now titled The Winter Soldier. Sebastian Stan returns as Bucky and will be playing a key part in the movie, hence the new title.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Sam “Falcon” Wilson will be helping Captain America in The Winter Soldier. Anthony Mackie is in negotiations to play the role.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters on April 4, 2014. The movie will be co-directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.

We already knew that Edgar Wright was working on an Ant-Man movie, but the movie has been officially announced during the Marvel panel. Fans were treated to a test footage of Ant-Man shrinking, fighting, and growing back to regular size.

Iron Man 3
Probably the coolest entrance ever for Comic-Con, Robert Downey, Jr. walks around the crowd of Hall H with Iron Man’s Repulsor Beam Blaster on his right hand. He introduces footage from Iron Man 3. Here’s his entrance sans footage.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the footage was the reveal of Sir Ben Kingsley with rings on his fingers. Yep, the Mandarin is here. Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3, 2013.

Thor: The Dark World
We weren’t given much with this other than the cast being there with director Alan Taylor. The sequel will hit theaters on  November 8, 2013.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Looks like the reports of Marvel doing the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was right. The biggest news to me is that Marvel has confirmed that they will be making Guardians of the Galaxy. I give them props for having the balls to attempt something like this. I for one am behind on Rocket Raccoon. The movie will be hitting theaters the same year as Captain America: The Winder Soldier on August 1, 2014, with Groot, Frax, Rocket Racoon, Gamorra and Star Lord attached.

So this is Phase 2 of the Marvel movie universe. Looks like The Hulk gets no love.

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