And the winners for the Adventure Time: Complete First Season DVDs are…

Adventure Time: The Complete First Season DVD hits store shelves on July 10th, and we have figured out the winners for our Adventure Time contest giveaway. Each of the three winners will be getting a copy of the Adventure Time: Complete First Season DVD. If you made me laugh or smile, you’re pretty much a shoo-in for the prize.

Check out an exclusive DVD commentary clip from DVD set below.

And here are the three winners:

Stephen N.
“The Lich for a few reasons. For one, taking over the world seems like a hell of a lot of fun and on the way I will have him possess the body of whoever the f*ck decided to remake the amazing film Drop Dead Fred and send them straight to hell! Too harsh? And two, who else to go with but a badass voiced by a badass (Ron Perlman).”

Josh Bro
“I would pick Jake The Dog because he can shape into many different things. The first thing i would make him turn into is a bat and travel to NR so I can beat the crap out of you guys if you don’t pick me to win. lol jk I Love you guys!!”

What can I say, I love Nerd Reactor humor.

Matt Sabonis
“The Zombie Businessmen from Business Time. We would go off on the magical adventure of Grad School and they can do all my arithmetic and spelling tests while I sit on the couch and eat pizza and watch Adventure Time in my Nerdzilla hoodie!”

I think you guys are catching on.

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