E3 2012 Hands on: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2


I never played the first game on this series, but after playing the demo on this one, I may have to. In this game, you are a sniper being lead around by an A.I. partner. It’s fairly simple just walking around at first, but when the game got down to business, it got really fun. The controls are similar to many FPS games that are already released.

Once you got the hang of controlling the sniper, it gets to be really cool. In my personal opinion, if I ever had a choice to run and gun versus sniping; I would go 90% snipe and 10% run and gun. I just like the motto of “1 bullet, 1 kill.” This game looked beautiful due to the CryEngine3. The stage I played took place in a train yard and had me picking off enemies before they got an alarm out. The enemies were military┬ápersonnel and watch dogs.

The big thing that I liked about the game was that it had a bullet time type of scene. It triggers in various times, but depending on the kill location, it looked amazing! That was one of the best highlights of the game. This is one game I am looking forward to playing on its release date.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is going to be available for XBL, PSN, and PC.

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