E3 2012 Hands-on: DogFight 1942

In DogFight 1942 you will be taking on missions in the game. During those missions a dogfight can break out, and you will need to be on the lookout or else you will be shot down. During the hands-on test, the mission took place in what looks to be Hawaii. You had to shoot down enemy planes that are attacking ships and buildings.

I’m not into air combat type games, so the controls were difficult at first, which caused me to instantly crash or get shot down. After a while I got used to the controls and the buttons; I was mowing down enemies left and right. I got into the game so much, I think I got a little too loud, but this was a fun game to play. I wish I could have taken home a copy with me along with a copy of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. Both games are fun and exciting. This is going to be released for XBL, PSN, and PC.

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