E3 2012: GAEMS launches the new G155 Sentry

In 2011 when the Microsoft store had a series of launch events, I first came to see the the G155 during the Call of Duty Modern Warfare event. It looks like a suitcase-like storage device housing a built-in monitor and speaker system. It reminds me of the case you get in Modern Warfare when you call in an air strike. I spent a few hours sitting in a corner at the Microsoft store playing a combination of FPS and fighting games and forgot I was playing on a small screen.

At CES I met one of the men responsible for the G155 and learned more about the device. At E3 I got to see first hand what the team behind Gaems had in store in the next coming months.

The G155 Sentry is the next step for the G155. Ideally it was made for the Xbox 360, but it can easily house a PlayStation 3 and Wii console. With a few upgrades and changes, including the speakers the Sentry just improves your experience in gaming.

First up is the ability to customize the outside of the G155 Sentry. The case and logo can be customized with stickers and a removable center logo. At E3 they had some few designs, such as a Mass Effect case with the N7 logo and more. GAEMS has more ideas coming, even the ability to custom order some designs, and they won’t be expensive at all, as they range anywhere from $5-$15 bucks.

Take your gaming anywhere. The G155 Sentry is louder, more crisp and brighter than the G155, which is great since the original was already awesome. It’s a great item for traveling players and long waiting times at events.

Or it can be used for other entertainment purposes, family taken over your PC and TV then hook up your DVD/Blu-Ray player or even PS3 to watch movies on your own personal monitor.

Behind closed doors (or a small room in the booth), GAEMS had a prototype for their next item, the G190 Vanguard. While still in development, the team had decided that sometimes bigger is better, and fans like their games on larger screens. This will make it heavier, but it’s still easy to carry around when you want to play anywhwere.

  • Available 2013 – month TBD
  • 175-degree viewing angle
  • Adjustable monitor stand
  • 19″ monitor  (original G155 is 15.5″)
  • Backlit HD LED
  • Higher Wattage Speakers (will be a minimum of 7.5 watts)
  • Officially licensed Microsoft Xbox 360 product
  • Metal cosmetic trims and thicker carrying  handle
  • almost the same footprint as the original G155
  • Additional customization options 
No price was mentioned, but man did it blow me away with the sound and quality. I know I want one.
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