Prometheus chart explains power of the black goo

Artist Carlos Poon has taken it upon himself to simplify the confusing power of the black goo from Prometheus. There will be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please vacate to the nearest exit in a calm and orderly fashion.

This image looks easy enough to follow and describes the many wonderful possibilities of the black goo.

Prometheus first introduced us to the black goo with an Engineer drinking it. He quickly dissolves and becomes one with the river below, thus creating and spreading life (or at least just creating humans). How sweet. We know from this scene that the black goo can create life if fused with an Engineer.

Later in Prometheus, we see a bunch of small containers that houses the black goo inside an abandoned Engineer ship. The people of Earth found a way to make contact with the ship. Noomi Rapace’s love interest gets in contact with the black goo, thanks to David, and he becomes a creepy zombie-looking dude. Judging from this, we can figure out that if the black goo mixes with humans, we become ugly-looking dudes. This was also the case with the Fifield, the geologist who loves rocks more than finding dead alien dudes. In the scene where his partner pets a snake-like creature and gets his arms broken, Fifield cuts the snake alien, but ends up with acidic blood on his helmet. The acid leaves a big hole on the helmet, leaving him exposed to the black goo that’s all over the ground. He later gets turned into a zombie-like dude with crazy jumping powers. We also know that he can breath the atmosphere of the planet. I guess that’s the one positive thing about getting infected with the black goo as a human.

Noomi Rapace and her boyfriend get it on while he was still infected. This resulted in her getting pregnant with a baby squid alien. It later turns into a giant hentai-tentacle creature. And once this squid monster impregnates itself to an Engineer, it creates the “xenomorph”. If the squid monster successfully rapes the Engineer’s mouth, it dies.

So did you guys get that yet? To create the “xenomorph”, the key ingredients are the black goo, an Engineer, two humans who’ll mate, and a giant squid monster.

Source: Carlos Poon

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  • JCamp

    The first engineer drinking the goo, dissolving and thus “spreading life” is pure conjecture on your part.

    • John Spartan

      That is true, and we still don’t know much about The Engineers.

    • Mike

      Guess you chose to overlook the fact that in the movie they made it painfully clear that the human dna is identical to the engineers, and they kept saying that the engineers engineered humans. The first scene is the engineers dna breaking down, and then reforming.

  • cg

    this graph also fails to explain the scenes that would crop up displaying the engineers fleeing from some undisclosed enemy.

  • Mike

    This was a painfully awful film. Ridley Scott pulled a George Lucas. At worst Scott was money hungry, at best he just went old and senile.

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