Free Rob Zombie concert during San Diego Comic-Con

There have been many zombie related events happening during San Diego Comic-Con in the past few years, but none like Rob Zombie. He will be there on opening day for a special concert to welcome attendees of Comic-Con. The welcome party is called, “Dawn of the Con,” which will be held Thursday, July 12th, from 5:30PM to 11PM PT.

This is presented by VH1 Classic and held in San Diego’s Petco Park. During the event live music will be spun by DJ Will from “That Metal Show”. And music from Rob Zombie’s upcoming project will be previewed throughout the night.

“Dawn of the Con” will have the drag racer used in Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” music video and hourly giveaways will take place at the event, limited-edition posters and a custom-pressed t-shirt bar will be there. This event is free to anyone holding a badge to San Diego Comic-Con.

As a fan of Rob Zombie’s music, I cannot wait to go to this event. And having the drag racer from “Dragula” makes this even more appealing.


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