Bring the Adventure Time gang with you with these Mimobot USB flash drives

It’s Adventure Time anywhere you want. Cartoon Network’s hit series is teaming up with Mimico to bring you the Adventure Time X MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive Series. 3 characters will be featured; Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum. They are designed as USB drives, and they will range from 8Gb to 32Gb.

Fionna however will not be sold online. Instead she will be a special San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, limited to only 500. So if you want Fionna, you better find some friends who are going to SDCC this year and make sure they get one for you before they are all gone.

Currently the line of USB drives is available for pre-order over at the Mimoco website. Prices range depending on which size USB you want. An 8Gb will start at $19.99, a 16Gb at $29.99, a 32Gb at $39.99, and finally a 64Gb at $69.99. Either way you can take your favorite character(s) from Adventure Time around and use them to store your documents, pictures, and other files. It’s not an Adventure without Jake and Finn safeguarding your files.


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