Microsoft joins $187 billion revenue ad market, still charging monthly fee’s

After the new things that Microsoft had to show during E3 this year, removing the monthly fee for online game play was not one of them. Microsoft unveiled their ad campaign strategy and supporting companies for the Xbox 360 platform. NUads will soon make a clear presence for the Xbox Live community with Toyota, Samsung USA, and Unilever being the first to implement this far reaching campaign. Viewers of NUads will be able to provide feedback filling out surveys or answering questions by toggling controller pads, voice commands, or motion gestures with Kinect accessories. With the addition of Microsoft’s SmartGlass software, Xbox Live viewers will now be able to sync their console television service with iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Microsoft’s flag ship Windows 8 operating system. When all is said and done Microsoft will be topping off in a global advertising market of $187 billion dollars this year alone.

Xbox Live has been reported to have in upwards of thirty million subscribed users with no change in sight to the price it charges users for online gameplay. So with a new stream of revenue being generated for the colossus company, where is the break for its dedicated gamer’s? With DLC’s growing and the ability to buy used digital content slowly entering the market without a dedicated code for free online gameplay, when will gamer’s realize that having to pay for their online gameplay with ads included is a little excessive and annoying? I say it is about time that Microsoft drops its dependent revenue on dedicated gamers around the world and have a free online play service for all!

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