E3 hands-on preview: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Konami’s booth was packed with fans wanting to demo latest titles. The one place that had long line was Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, with the wait being around 3-4 hours.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was a game that was almost scrapped by Konami and Hideo Kojima’s team, until they decided to try a different route working with different developer Platinum Games (Bayonetta). The new team added their knowledge of giving players a pure action game while still retaining the essence of the Metal Gear Universe.

Jack┬áreturns as the main character, and to quote Snake in MGS4, “War has changed.” It’s been almost two years since Snake was successful in finally taking out the Patriots, but as with all wars, the weapons and soldiers evolved. The enemies have gotten a hold of the cyborg technology that help created Raiden and Cyborg Ninja and have made Cyborg warriors for themselves. Jack┬áresumes his role as “Raiden” and undergoes the transformation into a Cyborg, and it’s up to him to stop the enemies.

Since the gameplay is different, we won’t be seeing any sneaking missions like we did in previous Metal Gear Solid games. You’ll need to have fast response time, along with becoming best buddies with the right analog stick.

Raiden has no fear, since he’s backed up by powerful martial arts skills and cyborg upgrades, which can power him up and stun opponents. Once they are stunned, he can pull out his beam-like Katana that can slice the enemies with ease like a hot knife through butter. In this mode time slows down. Flick the right analog to slice up soldiers, mechs, towers, bridges, and dozens of interactive elements.

The demo has two stages, the first one being a tutorial that teaches you how to slice everything in your path. Moving around is easy, with the square and triangle buttons being your attack buttons. Facing the Gekkos in MGS4 wasn’t fun, but since you’re Raiden, attacking them is now a piece of cake. You’ll be able to evade and get on top of these guys in order to slice them from top to bottom. It felt very refreshing. Slicing isn’t the only way to take them down, since you’ll also have a chance to use a rocket launcher. The second stage focused on teaching you more of Raiden’s moves and quick-time events.

The game is still awhile away from being finished, but it’s nice to see the work that goes into developing and keeping true to the core of the series while adding a more futuristic hack and slash style gameplay centered around Raiden. In the trailer it seemed Snake would be appearing in some form in the game. I just can’t wait to see what other MGS characters will be appearing.

This is a nice change of pace from the stealthy gameplay from the series, and it’s very fun to use a sword that can cut through almost anything, including cutting your opponents into little slices like ham. So far Metal Gear Solid Rising is my No. 3 must buy game from E3.

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