E3 2012 – Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting done right

Marvel has enjoyed some success in the fighting game market thanks to Capcom for the last decade. DC, on the other hand, had one fighting game on the Super Nintendo which wasn’t all that great. In 2008 we saw Mortal Kombat vs DC, which honestly was a pretty bad fighting game in my opinion.

Well a few weeks before E3, Warner Bros announced Injustice: Gods Among Us, a fighting game that would have characters from the DC universe facing off against each other. NetherRealm Studios, the team behind Mortal Kombat vs. DC and Mortal Kombat 9, will once again bring the DC characters back into fighting form.

I can't wait to see how Harley will play after seeing this artwork.

Injustice: Gods Among Us wasn’t playable at E3, but it was shown to the public with people waiting in line for hours to get a sneak peek. After getting to watch a 15-20 minute demo, I was sold. The demo only showcased 4 characters; Flash, Superman, Batman and Solomon Grundy. We were also treated with new interactive stages the team has been working on.

The new fighting game resembles MK9 really well. Some of the fighting movements and combos look like they came right out of MK, and that’s where most of the similarities end. Right of the bat you notice the full detail on the characters and their outfits, and the four characters shown each had their own unique fighting style that matched their comic book personalities. Remember the Mortal Kombat special bar that allowed you to throw out EX techniques, breakers and X-Ray techniques? Well  NetherRealm made sure to add a spin on that in the game.

Character Breakdown:

Superman is chalk full of power complete with eye beams, super strength, and flight which allows him to control space. His full-bar special is an epic uppercut that sends your opponent to the stratosphere before smashing them back into the ground. This would have been a more awesome finisher compared to it being a cutscene special. Superman looks like an all around, good character.

Flash uses his speed to get in quick with a few attacks. He seems more like a mid screen character, and his techniques need a bit of range to be fully effective. He can get past projectiles, and his full bar special has him stunning his opponent, allowing him enough time to run around the world for a powerful punch. I only got to see a few of his moves, so he seems like long range/mid range fighter at this point.

Batman almost seems like he came out of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Complete with dozens of gadgets, he can get in and fistfight. By controlling the space and using some tricks, he shows why he is one of the most liked heroes. He comes well equipped with his grappling hook, which can drag in opponents or tie them up. Can you say “Get over here!”? His special has him unloading his arsenal against his enemy. Batman is best used in the back to zone out your opponents.

Solomon Grundy is unlike anything you have seen in the cartoons and games, NetherRealm studios took the more deadly comic book version of Grundy and made sure they added their own twist. Grundy is powerful up close and is full of weapons that are a part of him. Grundy has knives, axes and other weapons on his body he uses, but up close he has some dangerous grapples. His special is using a combination of grapples and weapons on his body before pulling his tombstone out and smashing you with it. Grundy is a character you don’t want near you, since he’s a a close range fighter with mid and low range attacks.

Another addition to game are the interactive stages. Only two stages were shown, but it did show how characters interact with it. If there is a car on the stage, characters like Batman and Flash will smash their opponents head into the car, but if you’re using Superman and Grundy, they will toss it like nothing. The Batcave had some cool features, with Batman’s machines becoming weapons that can be used. You could knock opponents into different part of the stage by powerful blows or explosions.

But with NetherRealm Studios making the game, will we be seeing fatalities? No. But what we do get to have are heroes smashing each other apart. Each character has their own win screen, like Superman above the Earth hearing someone scream for help as he heads down to save the day.

Injustice: Gods Among Us has some great potential to be an awesome fighting game as it stands, let’s see how it develops before release.

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