Take my money! Making a Marvel vs. Capcom live-action short film a reality

Nerd Reactor’s David Hoang is working on a Kickstarter project called Marvel Vs. Capcom: Doomsday that will hopefully allow him to create a live-action Marvel vs. Capcom fan film. If the goal is met, we’ll be able to watch Marvel’s Dr. Doom go up against Capcom’s Chun Li and Ryu. Check out the video below and see why David Hoang is perfect for the job.

Did you see that Dr. Doom? Now that’s legit.

The cast and crew are set, storyboard and character design have been finished. So what’s next? Costume fabrication, set dressing, securing a location to film, material for makeup and wardrobe.

The Kickstarter project is already to a great start with raising $912 already. 25 more days to go to reach the $2,500 goal on July 6, 2012. I’m pretty sure it’ll reach the goal.

So head on over to the Marvel vs. Capcom: Doomsday Kickstarter page and pledge!

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