The Question is, is this The Question?

 Vic Sage, reporter for KBEL news who reported on the corrupt place of Hub City, also protected it as the vigilante The Question. After trying to stop a gang he is beaten almost to death by an assassin known as Lady Shiva and thrown into a river only to be saved by her. He then undergoes training to strengthen his mind and his body. With his new found martial arts skills and his special-made mask and bonding gas called Pseudoderm, he takes on gangs, serial killers, military generals and corrupt government officials. He also overcomes moral conflicts and hallucinogenic trips of self discovery to answer the only question he feels he will never answer

Who am I?

Vic was such a human character, no gadgets, no super powers (although there was an arc where he was a shaman and helped stop Lex Luthor kill Superman but still). The problems he fought were corruption, murderers and gangs, all very real problems. Even his death was human, he wasn’t killed by any super-powered villain or assassinated by an elite power who wanted him dead. He died of lung cancer.

So how do DC ruin such a brilliant character? Like this:

So from the looks of this picture, Vic is coming back as a super-powered wizard who was forced to forget his identity to stop him destroying the universe in the story arc Trinity War taking away his awesome origin and street level status.

Good job DC.

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