LG’s 3D-HD IPS Monitor: Good for the PC & TV

LG Electronics broke grounds unveiling a new line of TV’s that are both personal TV and monitor. LG’s DM2752 and M2752 are IPS panels with full HD resolution. The neat feature with these is the seamless ability to open multiple windows on the screen while watching TV without compromising quality and color. Included are LG’s infinite surround sound in-speakers and two HDMI ports for easy toggling to connect game consoles, HTPC’s, and anything other peripheral.

IPS (In-Plane Switching technology) panels are the most color rich displays on the market. It ensures that color washing and angle of view won’t compromise one another. To add more bang for your buck, the DM2752 model has the latest CINEMA 3D technology that is enabled with a simple 2D to 3D conversion engine so users can switch on the fly. If priced right I’d expect these to make a huge hit in the market. An IPS panel with 3D technology and double it as a computer monitor or TV sure will be on several Christmas lists this December. Expect the DM2752 available in July while the M2752 is now available in select markets.

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