Neil Gaiman addresses art graduates

While doing my daily routine of “Google-ing” a random name, I found an interesting link on Neil Gaiman. It was posted by The University of the Arts (Phl). A lot of lucky graduates got a chance to listen to a comic God in Neil Gaiman.

He talks about how he never graduated college, he never liked the idea of spending another 4 years of enforced learning. When he was young he had aspirations of being a comic writer and a novelist. He lists a lot of different odd things to he went through and different jobs offered to him but decided to decline it.

I know this is biased opinion but I think this is one of the best graduation address I have heard. One of his points were, “Make good art.” That made the audience, as well as me, laugh very heartily. Without further ado, Neil Gaiman.
SOURCE: The University of the Arts (Phl)

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